Finessing the Family-Friendly Home

I recently finished the staging of a toddler-friendly, toy-friendly home in a suburb of Calgary. It is a beautiful home, but it was hard to see the forest for the trees … by that I mean, there were a lot of toys. Artwork and accessories were at a minimum, toys and safety features were at a maxumum.

I spent a day going through the home to stage in a safe, baby-proof environment — which is important in an occupied home. Luckily, the homeowner was willing to do whatever it took to prepare, and was willing to spend time packing up possessions, especially the beloved toys and children’s books. As I like to remind clients, you aren’t getting rid of these things forever; you will be happily reunited soon enough in your new home.

In this case I didn’t have to rearrange the furniture or change out any major items. The homeowner had lovely bedding, furnishings and lamps, so this was mostly a case of packing up toys and knick-knacks, and bringing in accessories and artwork.

Take a look at the before-and-after photos in this slideshow, to see the difference a little decluttering, and a lot of accessorizing, can make.