STAGING TIPS: PORTFOLIO Vacant Renovated Bungalow


This property was taken down to the studs and refinished with an open concept and light, bright colour scheme.

Staging tips! If you have a newly renovated space that is following the current trend to go with white walls, light wood or white floors, an all-white kitchen and also have large windows with NO WINDOW TREATMENTS, it can appear … cold. But I have some staging tips for cold rooms.

As a home stager in Calgary, I have to bring in things that will warm up the space while still maintaining the “drama” of the stark, new space. One of my favourite tips for this situation is to use a lot of large, dramatic yet neutral art to work with the white “gallery” walls, as well as many layers of texture in the furnishings — rugs, chunky throws, different sizes and textures of pillows, and then touches of natural elements like wood or driftwood to warm up the gray and white.

This house needed fresh, lively staging that showed off the new, neutral features of the home.

A palette of white, gray and black was perfect, with pops of natural wood to warm things up. Check out the results in photos below.

The laundry room was in a typical basement space, all white and sterile. I added two warm canvases, a wood tray and a bright pop of flowers, along with two apothecary jars filled with laundry soap and a few more accessories.